Home Sweet Home

Removing your junk so you can have endless possibilities

Every home has junk that hasn't been used in years, either because it need to be fixed or because it isn't useful anymore. The only thing junk does is make a space feel cluttered. You shouldn't have a cluttered living space, it's stressful and not efficient. We are here to help you solve that issue. Trash Hauling in Santa Fe can come over and haul away everything from those couple bags of trash that have been sitting in the corner to clearing your entire backyard.

So How Does It Work?

  1. Get in touch with us and tell us what you have?
    You may Call, text or email your pictures, or complete our online form.

  2. Select The Rate of Service:
    Not one home is the same, and for that reason we offer the following types of services.

    1. By The Load: Two Specialists & a trailer/box truck will arrive at your home and load up all your junk. You only pay for the volume you use.

    2. Flat Rate: If its less than 10 items. Maybe a couch? Just a mattress? A desk? This is for you: just a simple, flat, all inclusive rate.

  3. Pick a date:
    Morning, afternoons or evenings. We work on 2 hour arrival windows because your time is valuable, so our team will call 30 minutes prior to arriving.

It really is that simple.  Our professional service gives you a better way to deal with your junk without the headaches or hassles.