A simple, quick, and easy process with transparent rates. 


+ Option 1: Hourly Removal + Dump Fee

When you have lots of junk and a mix of items. A team will gather items from their current location and load up our trucks/trailers. We have a ONE HOUR minimum for this service.

Loading Rate

  • $120/hr for 2 Men
  • $160/hr for 3 Men
  • $40/hr for each additional Junk Removal Specialist

Plus Dump Fee

  • $40 per 4' section of open top trailer
  • $50 per 4' section of box truck
  • $40 for cardboard only loads (no trash)

You choose the amount of men. The box truck or trailer is divided by 4'x 8' sections. We bring along dollies, tools, and equipment to get your junk removed quickly and efficiently.

The clock starts the moment our team arrives at your home, and it continues until the we finish loading. Time is measured in 15 minute increments and we do have a 1 hour minimum. If you have multiple loads (more than 16' worth of junk), give us a call to coordinate a plan.

+ Option 2: Flat Rate (Itemized)

This service is recommended if you have less than 10 items. A team comes by and picks up your junk based on the amount of items, no matter the weight or size.

Type of Junk First Item + Each A dditional Item Limitations
Furniture and Appliances $75 +$10 We cannot disconnect appliances
Paint Cans and Flammable Household Liquids $10 +$10
Rubber Tires $10 +$10
Safes $149 +$75 Fireproof safes cannot be tampered with
Vending Machines $199
Pianos $199 Additional for Grand Pianos
Hot Tubs $249 We cannot disconnect water lines

NOTE: Additional $50 for upstairs/basement removals. Call us if you have a mix of items, for example a safe, hot tub, and a couch. We will combine to give you the best possible rate.

+ What we CANNOT help with?

We are here to make your life easier, but there is a couple things that we just cannot do, either due to regulations, safety, or just liability.

  • Items covered with bodily waste (animal or human)
  • Oil, petroleum, or other specialty liquid or waste
  • Medical or Biohazardous waste
  • Unstable, condemned, or infested buildings.
  • Untreated locations infested with any insects, vermin, or other nuisances. (Bed bugs, fleas, mice, mosquitos, etc)
  • Homes covered with extreme pet hair can be serviced but may require a bodysuit and bagging charge.

+ Do I pay travel charge?

If you are farther than 15 miles from Zafarano drive in Santa Fe, then yes. Unfortunately this covers our team to get to and back from the junk location. $2.50/mile.

Example: Your home is 20 miles away. You would pay a $50 travel charge to get our team to your home. You don't pay for the time we spend at the dump or donation, or even fuel.

+ How do I pay?

We accept Cash, Check, or Cards at the end of the service once the load is removed. For any commercial or non-present service, a deposit may be required.

+ What if I need to cancel?

Schedule without fear, because you can modify or cancel your removal up to 24 hours from your schedule arrival time. If you do call within 12 hours of your removal, we have to charge a $30 cancellation fee.

+ Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are. We are authorized by the NM Environmental Department to perform hauling services in the State of New Mexico. Yes we are insured, and it protects your home, our employees, and vehicles in the event of an accident.