Stop Storing Junk

If you own the storage or simply renting it, stop keeping junk stored away. We can assist you with something as little as a couple boxes of trash in your shed to clearing out a massive inherited unit. We remove everything from your space; including furniture, boxes, materials, or trash bags.  Our trucks are large enough to get everything out from a 10x30 storage unit

are you finally ready to evict your junk?

  1. Get in touch with us and tell us what you have? You may Call, text or email your pictures, or complete our online form.

  2. Select The Rate of Service: Not one storage is the same, the following options give you the ability to best choose what suits your needs.

    1. Hourly Assistance & Load: Two Specialists & a truck will arrive at your storage unit, load up all the junk, help move things around, help you organize your space as you wish, and sweep up.

    2. Flat Rate: Is it less than 10 items? Only a old TV? Just a couple bags of clothing? Chairs? This is for you: just a simple, flat, all inclusive rate. No reorganizing, just come over and handle this junk.

  3. Pick a date: Morning, afternoons or evenings. We don't want you to be waiting at your storage for hours. You get a 2 hour window, then 30 minutes before we arrive, we will call you so you can head over as well. No wasted time.