Our Team

We know there is multiple ways to dispose of junk, so what makes ours so special? 

  1. We Care About You and Our Communities. 
    You know there is a lot of people who own a pickup, but our team is part of an Exceptional family, where they are trained, screened, and held accountable to the Exceptional standard. You know you are getting a reliable professional company in your home, not just some random person who might drop off your couch on the side of a street. 
  2. Best Value and Simplicity
    The process is simple, there is no weighing required, deposits involved, or placing items on the curb. In comparison to other national run services, we provide you the most amount of space for usually 30-40% less cost. Also, did we mention we get the items right where they are, no need for you to get help to take them outside for us. 
  3. Recycle and Save
    On average we donate around 60% of what we haul away. Why? Because the Landfills can't reuse them, but someone in need will. We are dedicated to not taking anything to landfills unless absolutely necessary. There are so many great local non-profits that could use your items. If you are considering taking it to consignment, consider our pickup & delivery service.
  4. Speedy Local Service
    We aren't a franchise, we are local and professional company in Santa Fe, this allows us to provide quick same or next day service. We know Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico homes and how different and unique each home is, our experience allows us to navigate any home without complications.